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At a time when the entire world was forced to come to a standstill by the pandemic, when we had to retreat to our own four walls and combine the private with the professional, we were confronted with an unknown problem: How should we be productive in a place we had set up for recreation? How were we supposed to fit a complete office set-up in our flats? And even if we were to manage to do that, would we even have enough space left to live?

The answer is actually obvious. We need highly flexible, changeable furniture that can be combined or modularly expanded as required. And so that it can be integrated into any home, it has to be available in many colors -  ideally, it should be able to be stored  in a space-saving way after work is done or used for something completely different. And when we were looking for exactly this kind of furniture in private, we noticed one thing: There is simply nothing comparable yet. So we took matters into our own hands and spent the nights around the clock until we finally came up with a solution!



(Adjective; Latin)

"New, unusual, unknown, young, fresh" 


(Noun; Japanese)

“The art of paper folding. From a mostly square

piece of paper a three-dimensional object is created. " 



So we had identified a problem that affects us all. And of course we wanted to solve this problem for everyone!

That meant, first of all, that we had to meet the highest design standards. After all, we wanted to improve your living situations. And you can't do that with ugly furniture. At the same time, we needed modern, multifunctional solutions. Concepts that meet the new demands on our homes.

And finally, it was essential for us that our creations are affordable for all of you. From young students to the CEO of a global corporation, everyone should be able to afford our products.

To put it in one sentence: We at Novigami want to offer innovative furniture with incomparable design for every budget!




We are a small international team of furniture enthusiasts with a wide variety of backgrounds. From product designers to photographers to logisticians, we've all been through the pandemic just like you and experienced first-hand the need for a radical reinvention of living and working space.

We too are struggling with limited living space, we too don't want ugly office chairs in our bedrooms and we too don't want to have to shell out a small fortune just to be able to afford a fancy desk. And because your problems are also ours, there is no one who can find as suitable solutions as we do!




Actually, the pandemic has only accelerated processes that were already foreseeable anyway. Digitization enables more people to work from home every day. Today you can work anywhere in the world from a living room in Berlin and from an office in Paris, you can run a global corporation. But as soon as it comes to our living spaces, we are ready to accept dusty ideas and stick to meaningless traditions. So let's change that!


We start our work where others passively complain about the status quo. Your office chair is ugly? We know that! You don't have the money for fancy designs? Understood! You need flexible furniture systems that can grow with you? We have the solution for you!

Because our furniture combines functionality with design and yet everyone can afford it.


It is long overdue that we meet these challenges with clever and flexible solutions. Against rigidity and for furniture that can be used in many ways at home or in the office and can be adapted to all office and living situations!


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