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The Yunique conference table by Novigami is, as the name suggests, something very special. Work life is constantly dynamic and to keep up with it, you need simple yet flexible table systems. With our Yunique we offer an elegant and intelligent solution to exactly this problem!


The Yunique system is modular and therefore practically infinitely expandable. The desk combines a simple worktop with elegantly curved legs to create an eternal unit with a Scandinavian look. And because this is a Novigami product, you can of course adapt the exterior of the Yunique to your own personal taste. How many table tops your own Yunique will have, how wide these tops are and what color the frame is, is therefore up to you!


Features :

  • Versions: Single / Single Extended / Double / Double Extended

  • Width: 120 cm / 160 cm

  • Height: 74 cm

  • Depth: 79.7 cm / 159.4 cm

  • Base material: Hevea wood

  • Plate material: MFC plates

  • Foot color: white / natural

  • Plate color: white multiplex

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High Quality


Modular Systems


Normally, when you buy a piece of furniture, there's nothing you can do about it. This is not the case with Novigami furniture, and especially with our Yunique!


If you have a Single or Double Yunique in your home or office and realise that you don't have enough space after all, you can always get an extension and expand your meeting table.


And of course that also works the other way around. If a smaller table surface is enough for you, you can dismantle the extension in no time and store it to save space.


Our Yunique embodies the Novigami credo perfectly: against rigidity and for furniture that can be used in many ways and adapts to all life situations!


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