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With the Kabai mobile pedestal and the storage space it offers, it's easy to keep things in order. If the workplace layout in the office is changed, the Kabai can be quickly loaded with your belongings so that you can easily change places.


The open compartment can easily accommodate several files and folders. The lockable drawer provides enough space for your laptop or sensitive documents such as customer data. You can also store a bag, stapler and hole punch on the top.

Thanks to the castors, the fully loaded Kabai can be moved around the office and to another workplace in no time. Of course, you can also use the Kabai as a regular mobile container and storage space to keep your desk tidy!

Features :

  • Width: 40 cm

  • Height: 67 cm

  • Depth: 45 cm

  • Number of drawers: 1

  • Drawer load capacity: 10 kg

  • Lock type: central locking

  • Material: MFC panels

  • Color: individually selectable from 3 colors






High Quality


Modular Systems

Anker 1

Modern in use and design.

The drawer container is not only perfectly adapted to current forms of work, but of course also has the matching modern design.

We have developed our Kabai especially for the modern form of agile working. Especially in offices with desk sharing, where employees work on a project basis and colleagues change places frequently, it is practical to be able to quickly swap your workplace with all your belongings.

For the design, we kept the minimalist Novigami style. This way, you can integrate the container into your room concept with ease and style. But of course, our Kabai looks best under one of our height-adjustable Ototo or Josi tables. And especially in combination with a few colour-coordinated Quubes, the Kabai looks particularly good!


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