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With the Rami whiteboard from Novigami emerging, there is finally a magnetic board.

Especially in meetings, you cannot visualise your ideas without a whiteboard. But most versions simply don't look good. This is now changing with our Rami magnetic board.

The name was inspired by the Japanese term for flamingo, Furamingo, because Rami's frame reminded us the animal's legs. While normal whiteboards usually consist of terrible metal edges and plastic corners, Rami stands out with its classic design. The board consists of a minimalist white surface and is supported by the stylish buck legs, which reminds us of a painter's easel.

Features :

  • Width: 118.5 cm

  • Height: 183.5 cm

  • Depth: 75 cm

  • Base material: hevea wood

  • Board material: MDF board with magnetic foil

  • Foot color: white / black / natural

  • Plate color: white

1060328_Rami Whiteboard - natural 1.jpg
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High Quality


Modular Systems


Novigami combines design and functionality!


So of course the board offers you all the functions of a conventional whiteboard. Both sides can be written on with board markers or stick notes and can be easily cleaned afterwards. The board is also magnetic, so documents can be easily attached and removed without adhesive strips.


Thanks to the castors, you can use Rami very flexibly and move it wherever you need it. Since the legs are available in different colors, you can be sure that your Rami can be integrated into any room concept!

Rami looks particularly good in combination with the height-adjustable desks Josi and Ototo from Novigami! Whether in large meeting rooms or in small offices: With the Rami whiteboard you can sort your thoughts without having to forego good design!


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