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You don't have enough space at home for a huge desk or you just don't want a desk always standing around in your room? Then our folding desk Leni is the perfect choice for you!


Especially if you use your living room or bedroom as a home office from time to time, it's ideal if you can store your desk away inconspicuously when you're done working.

Our Leni can be set up in just a few steps and folded up again quickly. You can use the bar as a carrying handle when storing Leni. This way, our Leni remains mobile at all times and you can carry it away flexibly as soon as you have finished your work.


Features :


  • Width: 100 cm

  • Height: 65 - 77 cm

  • Depth: 60 cm

  • Height adjustment: adjustable in steps

  • Load capacity: 50 kg

  • Frame material: steel

  • Desktop material: MFC

  • Frame color: white

  • Desktop color: oak / white






High Quality


Modular Systems

Anker 1

Adaptable and flexible.

Of course, our folding table Leni would not be a real Novigami product if it could not flexibly adapt to new environments. Despite the simple struction, we managed to make Leni height-adjustable. There is a clamp under the tabletop with which you can adjust the working height. This way you can adjust the height to yourself and also adapt the table to another person in no time at all.   

And of course you can use Leni not only for your home office. The practical folding table can also be used as an extension to your kitchen table if you have more visitors. You can also use it as a table for your balcony if you want to have a quiet meal there. Or you can use our Leni as a small pop-up table at the next flea market.


Maybe you'll buy our Leni just for your home office. But you probably don't even know what you'll use it for yet!


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