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In times of mobile working, nothing could be more practical: With our Suki table, you can turn any table into a standing workstation!


Especially if you spend a lot of hours at your desk, you will know how important it is to be able to work standing up from time to time. It keeps your concentration up, but above all it's ergonomically healthy and protects your back.

But the most practical thing about our Suki is its flexibility. The entire table top consists of only three boards that you can interlock in no time at all. And you can work standing up! The table top can be dismantled just as quickly and can be stored in a very space-saving way. With a high-quality cotton carrying bag, you can easily transport Suki if you want to work somewhere else.


Features :

  • Width: 50 cm/ 70 cm

  • Height: 27 - 52 cm

  • Depth: 37 cm

  • Height adjustment: adjustable in steps

  • Load capacity: 10 kg

  • Material: multiplex board

  • Color: nature / white

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High Quality


Modular Systems


Aesthetics meets functionality.

Our Suki is a prime example of everything that Novigami stands for. The table top is not only flexible and helps you work healthier, but is also a real design object! Thanks to its simple design, the minimalist table top fits easily into any room concept and on any table. You can choose between a white and a natural version. Of course, Suki matches our Novigami tables Yori and Yunique particularly well.

But Suki not only looks chic, it also manages to remain super functional despite its simple structure. Our Suki is also height-adjustable and therefore suitable for almost any body size.


To ensure that you can work safely and without worries, the underside is equipped with non-slip rubber stoppers. Our Suki is not only practical, but also made of 100% wood!


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