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Ototo offers you everything you need to make your working day more dynamic and significantly healthier without burdening your wallet - the name already gives that away! Ototo means "little brother" in Japanese, so you can consider it as the little brother of our Josi and also as our most cost-effective product.

If you're used to spending long time at your desk, you know how exhausting that can be at some time. This is where Ototo emerges: a single push of button is all it takes to adjust the height to your personal needs.

The design of Ototo is also up to you. You can choose from different table tops, both in terms of width and colour. Then your new desk can fit perfectly into your room concept.


Features :

  • Width: 120 cm / 140 cm / 160 cm / 180 cm

  • Height: 74.5 - 120.5 cm

  • Depth: 80 cm

  • Height adjustment speed: 0.016 m / s

  • Load capacity: 80 kg

  • Frame color: white

  • Plate color: individually selectable from 7 colors






High Quality


Modular Systems

Anker 1

Our Ototo embodies the Novigami ideals perfectly!


On the one hand, the height-adjustable desk is of course the perfect symbol of modern working. On the other hand, we at Novigami want to get rid of rigid systems and make working life more flexible. We want our furniture to be able to adapt spontaneously and quickly to constantly changing needs. And of course it is important to us that you have a free hand in the visual design. You can adapt the Ototo to the furniture you already have, but also to all other Novigami products, so that you can create a coherent environment.


For example, you can choose our Zo mobile pedestal in the same colour as the Ototo or you can deliberately choose a different colour to create playful colour accents. In addition, it was also a special concern of ours to develop affordable products.


So, the little brother Ototo is the perfect choice for all those who do not want to sacrifice design or functionality, nor do they want to burden their wallet.


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