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The Josi electrically height-adjustable desk from Novigami is a must for anyone who spends intense periods at their workstation. Office workers, students or architects must have known for a long time how exhausting it is to manage long-term projects at the office desk. Our electrically height-adjustable sitting and standing table helps to make your working day more dynamic and thus also significantly healthier.

The name was inspired by the Japanese term Jun'ōsei, which means adaptable. With the inspiration of this word, we have designed a desk that you can completely adapt to your individual wishes! Of course, this starts with the idea that you can adjust the height of the desk at any time. Josi is also adaptable as well because you can choose its appearance freely. From the width to the frame colour to the colour of the top, you can decide what your personal Josi will look like.


Features :

  • Width: 120 cm / 140 cm / 160 cm / 180 cm

  • Height: 62.5 - 127.5 cm

  • Depth: 80 cm

  • Height adjustment speed: 0.04 m / s

  • Load capacity: 125 kg

  • Frame color: white / black / grey

  • Plate color: individually selectable from 5 colors






High Quality


Modular Systems

Anker 1

Our Josi embodies Novigami masterfully!


On the one hand, the height-adjustable desk is of course the perfect symbol of modern working.


We want to leave rigid systems behind and make working life more flexible.


But we also want our furniture to be able to adapt spontaneously and quickly to constantly changing needs.


And of course it is important to us that you have a free hand with the visual design.


So you can adaptJosi to the furniture you already have, but also to all other Novigami products in order to create a harmonious interior.


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