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Whether in large meeting rooms or in the private home office: with the Rami flipchart you can sort your thoughts without having to forego good design! While conventional flipcharts usually consist of unsightly metal edges and plastic corners, our Rami stands out with its eternal design. The board consists of a minimalist white surface and is supported by the stylish trestle legs, which reminds us of a painter's easel.

At the same time, the flipchart offers all the functions of a conventional flipchart. Both sides of the board can be written on with board marker. In addition, the front board surface is magnetic, making it easy to attach and remove documents without adhesive strips.


In addition, we have integrated a clamp at the front that you can use to attach sheets of paper. The paper can be attached or removed in no time at all. This way, you can also simply pack your notes and are no longer tied to the flipchart!


Features :

  • Width: 74 cm

  • Height: 183.5 cm

  • Depth: 75 cm

  • Foor material: Hevea wood

  • Board material: MDF board with magnetic foil

  • Foot color: white/ black/ natural

  • Board color: white

Anker 1





High Quality


Modular Systems


Flexible and stylish.

As all Novigami products, it was of course super important to us that the Rami flipchart remains adaptable. Whether as a whiteboard, as a magnetic surface or as a flipchart: depending on what ideas and concepts you want to visualise, Rami offers you the right option. And Rami is equipped with a few castors so that you are not limited by a rigid structure. Then you can give free rein to your thoughts and are not bound to any space.

But a stylish design is just as important to us. You can choose the legs in different colors, so it is ensured that your Rami can be integrated into any room concept! Of course, Rami looks particularly good in combination with other Novigami furnitures. Especially the height-adjustable desks Josi and Ototo as well as the team table Yunique can be perfectly colour-coordinated with our Rami!


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